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Quilt Maker Pro 18

Designer: Janome


Quilt Maker Pro 18 



The Quilt Maker Pro delivers the next step in your quilt making journey. Janome, the leader in innovative products that have changed the sewing industry, offers a long arm format sewing and quilting machine to round out the passionate quilter’s sewing studio. The Quilt Maker Pro 18 offers a customizable frame size: 4', 8' or 12', and the frame also offers a unique configuration of the quilting bars (Quilt Top, Batting, and Backing). The bar that holds the quilt top is positioned below the bar that holds the backing. This keeps the Quilt Top Bar out of your way when quilting, providing increased range of motion and visibility. This unique configuration is great for ruler work. Step up to longarm quilting and into a new world of possibilities. 


  • 4', 8', 12' frame set up options
  • 2,200 Stitches per minute
  • 18" Machine arm
  • Convenient magnetic storage strips
  • 8.5" between top and bottom arm
  • Stitch regulation: Precision and Cruise
  • Precise stitch regulation from 4 to 22 SPI
  • Digital tension control
  • Digital LCD touchscreen
  • Manual speed mode (3 customizable presets)
  • Stitch regulation mode
  • 4 Basting stitch options (1/2, 1", 2",4")
  • Built-in telescoping thread stand
  • Easy-set tension (digital tension display)
  • Stitch counter
  • Front and rear power switches
  • LED light ring mounted above the needle
  • Quilting alarm and project timer
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Four language options
  • High-speed rotary hook
  • Independent bobbin winder
  • Large-capacity M-class bobbin
  • Bobbin-use estimator with low-bobbin alarm
  • Needle stop position control
  • LED lighting mounted on both sides of the front handlebars
  • Quick change feet with 1/4" ruler foot installed and open toe foot included
  • Adjustable front and rear handlebars with digital touchscreen displays
  • Rear laser light for pantographs
  • Accessory pack with 4 extra bobbins, 20 needles, sample thread, hook oil, cleaning brush and bobbin tension screwdriver

Box size: 45" Long x 27" High x 15" W

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