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Bobbins - Janome HD9 V2

Designer: Janome

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part #767860107

Metal Bobbin Version 2

The Janome HD9 Black Edition and the HD9 Version 2 take a new version of the Large Jumbo Metal Bobbin. 

This Jumbo Metal Bobbin holds 40% more thread than traditional L sized bobbins. More thread on the bobbin allows you to keep sewing longer without interruption. This is extremely useful while performing high speed stitching.

Keep a few on hand so that you can wind a new bobbin using the independent bobbin winder on the machine so that you always have a full back up on hand for when you do finally run out.

The current Version 1 Parts and the new Version 2 parts are not compatible 

For more information please contact your local authorized Janome Dealer.

This accessory works with the following models:



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