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Mini Duckbill Scissors

Designer: Janome

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Do you struggle with cutting away fabric around an applique shape? If the applique is intricate with lots of curves and nooks & crannies, this can be problematic if you don’t have the correct scissors……….enter our NEW Janome MINI duck billed scissors. And the task just got a whole lot easier.

These mini duck bills are just 4 inches in length so think in terms of trying to snip embroidery threads with dressmakers shears?! When the applique trimming required is intricate and tiny, these smaller duck billed scissors will be very useful indeed.

  • Off set handles for work in the hoop – to easily clip applique-in-the-hoop
  • Half inch duck bill allows for close, precise applique work
  • Razor sharp edges
  • Superior rust and corrosion resistant
  • High grade hardened steel

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